Kitchen Printers

Keep your restaurant in sync and automatically send orders to your kitchen or bar.

How do I setup the printer?

We at LOOMIS-PAY will handle the configuration of the printer before they are shipped out from us. 

How do I use the printer?

In the merchant portal, products can be categorized into product groups. Products groups are used in the printer setup to determine what products to be printed in each respective printer. The kitchen printer will then print by default after an order has been updated but this can be changed in the printer configurations in the merchant portal.

How do I create Product Groups?

To add a new product group, go to the Product Groups page in the navigation menu. Press Create and enter the product group's name. In the section below, you can add products to the group by clicking Add Product.


How do I choose which Product Groups are printed?

Start by clicking on Apps, and select Printing. Click on your company name and select the printer you wish to edit.

In the top left, you will see Add Responsibility, click on this option and choose the product group you want the printer to use when you are making orders. When this has been done, click on Save. Orders that include products which have been attached to the printer setup will now be printed.  


What can I change in my printer?

If you go to Apps and then Printing and click on your company name as well as the printer you wish to edit, you will also be able to change some minor details like for example:

Food Strategy

  • Simple - The printer will print the full order as shown in the item basket
  • Bundles - The printer will print the same as if you had selected Simple, but also display what products are in the bundle you selected
  • Product Groups - The printer will print the selected products as well as the product groups on separate tickets, for example if you have Starter, Main Course, and Dessert, these will be printed on 3 different receipts.
  • Product Groups Combined - The printer will print all of selected the products and products groups on one receipt. 

Copies: Enter how many tickets should be printed for each time the kitchen printer picks up an order

Product Font Size: Select the size that the text should be on the printed ticket


How do I install my printer?

Please follow the guides below for information on how to install your printer.

Install & Troubleshoot EPSON TM-T88VI

Install & Troubleshoot SUNMI NT310

Install & Troubleshoot STAR TSP650II