View customer sales activity and orders

The Sales orders view shows a list of orders that occur across all your locations and point of sales hardware. You can view details about each order and export the orders as a report for accounting and other purposes.

Viewing order history

1. Go to Finance and then Sales in the navigation sidebar. You'll see a list of orders sorted by date and time.

2. Click on the order number to view the order details. The detail view shows the itemised content of the order along with important details such as the total price and VAT, if the bill was split between different payment transactions, the location, date and time, waiter, and table if applicable.

In the top right, you have additional options based on the status of the order. For example, you can manually close or open an order or you can email a copy of the receipt.

Exporting orders

1. On the Orders view, choose the filter options you would like.

2. Click Download in the top right to download an excel spreadsheet of all the orders in the list.