Credit vouchers

Credit vouchers offer you as a merchant another way to refund your customers. A credit voucher can be used to give the customer an in-store credit that can be used for future purchases. The Point of Sale will also keep track of the balance on the voucher for you.

How can I offer credit vouchers?

1. If you wish to activate credit vouchers as a refund and payment method, please contact our support on 010-163 63 00. 

How do I create a Credit Voucher? 

A credit voucher can only be created through a refund.

1. To create a Credit Voucher for a refund to your customer, go to Orders in your Point of Sale.

2. Press Finished to see your finished orders.

3. Find the order that you are going to refund and click on it.

4. Press Return Order and enter your PIN Code.

5. Select the products that should be refunded by clicking on them.

6. Press the button in the bottom right corner and select Voucher as the refund option.

7. A new window will appear, press Issue Voucher 

Two receipts will now be printed, make sure to give the receipt with the printed QR Code to your customer.

How do I register a payment with a Credit Voucher?

1. Register the products that the customer wishes to purchase

2. Press the button in the bottom right corner and press More... 

3. Press on button marked Use Voucher

4. In the new window, either press the camera icon and scan the QR Code on the voucher, or enter the voucher code that is present under the QR Code manually and press Find voucher.

5. It will now display the remaining balance of the voucher, together with the issuing and expiration date of the voucher.

6. To finish the payment, press Use voucher.

Overview of Credit Vouchers

You can also view all of your created credit vouchers on our Loomis—Pay Portal.

1. Log in to your Loomis—Pay Portal.

2. Click on Finances and then Credit Vouchers

3. You will now see a list of all your created credit vouchers, and can click on any voucher to see when it created, when it has been used, as well as the starting and current balance of the voucher.