Product modifiers

Use modifiers to allow customers to customise their orders

Modifiers are add-ons, extras, and other modifications to a product that allows your customers to customise their orders. An example of this is toppings on a pizza or a vegetarian patty on a burger. 

Creating modifier groups

1. Log in‍ to the Loomis—Pay portal.

2. Click on Products in the navigation bar and then select Modifier Groups

To create a new modifier group, click on the button marked + Create.

3. Fill out the fields necessary - see below for a short explanation:

Name: Enter a name to specify what kind of modifiers you will have in the group

Widget: Select how the modifier should be entered, Checkbox or Radio 

Checkbox - selecting a modifier with Checkbox will allow for selecting multiple options if necessary.

Radio - selecting a modifier with Radio will remove all other options once one has been selected.

Limit: The maximum amount of modifiers that should be able to be selected from this group.

Combined Limit: The maximum amount of modifiers that should be able to be combined across all groups.

Color: Select the color which the modifier options should be displayed as

Is Required: Is it mandatory to select a modifier before you can continue?

- If Yes is selected, a modifier must be selected before you can save the product to the basket. 

- If No is selected, you can save the product to your basket without selecting a modifier.

4. Once you are finished, press Save

You have now created your first modifier group. You will now need to create your modifier options.

Creating modifiers

1. Click on Modifiers

2. To create a new modifier, click on the button marked + Create.

3. Name your modifier and add the price, VAT rate and which company it should be assigned to, and then press Save

You have now created your first modifier, and will be returned to your list of modifiers. All that is left is adding your modifiers to your modifier group.

4. Mark the modifiers you wish to add to one of your groups by clicking on their respective checkbox

5. Click on Actions and select Assign Modifier Group

6. You will now be asked to enter the name of the modifier group that you wish to add your selected modifiers to. Once you have selected your group, press Save.

Connect modifiers to products

1. Start by clicking on Products. Find the product that you wish to use your modifiers on, and click on its name.

You will be taken to a new page. 

2. Scroll down until you see Modifier Groups. Press Add Modifier Group and you will find a list of available modifier groups to apply to that product. Select the group of modifiers that should be available for this product. Once selected, press Save.

Edit or remove modifiers

1. Go to Modifier Groups. Choose which modifier group you want to edit or remove modifiers in and click on its name.

2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to find all of your modifiers.

3. Click on the  icon on the right side of modifier to remove it.

4. When you are done with your changes, press Save.