Get detailed reports of your business activity


In the Reports section, you can view and download reports of your business activity. The different report types split your sales data for better comparison and analysis. The following are the different report types:

  • Products
  • Product groups
  • Return items
  • Staff
  • Weight
  • Bundles
  • Modifiers
  • Finance accounts



You can export an excel spreadsheet with figures from your reports. To download the spreadsheet, set the filters you want and then click Download in the top right.

Storing and Automating Reports

You can save reports and set them to automatically send to an email address using the Stored Reports page. To create a new automated report follow these instructions:

1. Navigate to Reports > Stored Reports. Then click Create.

2. Give your report a name, like "Monthly Orders". Choose a report type from the category dropdown. Then choose the merchant, store locations, and terminals you want data for. 

For the start and end date fields you can type a variety of codes to generate dynamic dates. Here are some examples:

Daily report:

Start Date = yesterday.startOfDay
End Date = yesterday.endOfDay

Weekly report:

Start Date = today.subWeek.startOfWeek
End Date = today.subWeek.endOfWeek

Monthly report:

Start Date = today.subMonth.startOfMonth
End Date = today.subMonth.endOfMonth

Click Save when finished. You'll return to the reports list and see a notification that your custom report was created.

3. Click on your new report to view its details. Now we'll choose who will receive the report. Select the Recipients tab, then click Create

For the driver, choose "Mail". 

For date reference type "today". 

Then add the the name of the recipient, their email address, and a subject line for the email. 

Finally, click Save.

4. Next, we'll decide how often to send the report. Select the Schedule tab, then click Create.

Choose the frequency and time, then click Save.

You're all done! Your report will automatically send out based on your frequency and recipient settings.