What is the Loomis—Pay portal?

The portal is your one stop shop to manage your business

The Loomis—Pay portal is an admin website where you can manage your entire business. You can access the portal by visiting https://pos.loomispay.com. The portal is divided into the following sections:


The Dashboard is where you will find an overview of your sales, top selling products, categories, sales people, and other insights.


This is where you can administrate which users have access to your portal, what is visible on each receipt of your different stores, which terminals are available for each store, who can access your Point of Sale and more.


Here is where you administrate your products, folders, modifiers for these products and any promotions you might offer.


In Finance, you will find your payouts and your invoices from Loomis—Pay.


By using Reports, you can export data about your sales, like what products have sold the most, or reports about your payouts and your transaction fees on a monthly basis.