Understand how your business is performing at a glance


The dashboard page is a great way to a get a quick overview of your current revenue and sales across locations and payment methods. You can also go back in time and use historical data to gain insight into past sales and trends.

You can set different date intervals and filter on different locations (if you have them), as well as export the information using the Download button, which you can read about further down in this article.

Note that the numbers in your dashboard doesn't include any Loomis—Pay fees, as they're deducted in a later stage. This means that your net income doesn't necessarily equal the total revenue shown on the page. Read more about Payouts.


You can export an excel spreadsheet with figures from your dashboard. This will include the top 10 products, quantity sold or returned, and sales values for the time period and locations specified. To download the spreadsheet, set the filters you want and then click Download in the top right.


We're always looking to improve the dashboard. If you're missing anything or have any other suggestions, please let us know here. Help us improve!