American Express: A Guide

Accepting American Express

With us at Loomis-Pay we directly integrate all major card payments directly into your POS or payment terminal. No need for separate agreements or additional fees to accept a certain type of payment!

You can at any time choose to exclude card payments for cards that you don’t think are relevant to your store, just contact our support team. 


How does American Express Work and who uses it? 


American Express is in many ways similar to Visa or Mastercard, but one difference is that American Express part from facilitating payments also issues their own cards! Meaning that they are the once selling and supplying their cards to their customers, whereas VISA or Mastercard uses third parties such as banks.


This has allowed American Express to offer their customers a robust rewards program, travel services and cash-back offers all in all attracting a high-end clientele looking for top tier service. 


Let’s look a bit closer at the diverse range of customer segments and industries you would be attracting by accepting AMEX

Business Customers:

American Express is chosen by a wide spectrum of businesses, from small start-ups to large enterprises. These companies benefit from Amex’s business credit cards, expense management solutions, and corporate travel accounts. Amex cards are commonly utilized for travel expenses and client entertainment, while its corporate card programs are essential for managing employee expenses and gaining valuable data insights.



With features like airport lounge access, travel insurance, and concierge services, American Express is favoured by frequent travellers and travel industry professionals. It is often used for booking flights, accommodations, and car rentals, and is widely accepted by major airlines and travel-related businesses.


High-End Retailers:

American Express is prevalent in the retail sector, especially among luxury boutiques, high-end department stores, and exclusive online merchants. These retailers prefer American Express for its widespread acceptance and the higher spending capacity of its cardholders.


Service Providers:

In industries like dining, hospitality, and personal services, particularly those targeting upscale clientele, American Express is a preferred payment method. Establishments in these sectors recognize the spending patterns of American Express users and encourage its use.

How can you access information on your American Express transactions and payouts?

To here to read more on how to manage and view your American Express payouts and transaction details.  


AMEX Fees:

The fee structures for American Express differs from other card networks like Visa/Mastercard, with American Express charging higher merchant fees due to its targeted demographic of high-end customers and the rewards and costs they need to finance to tailor to this group. The higher fees are justified by providing merchants access to a demographic with significant spending power. According to research American Express cardmembers spend on average 1,5 times more than non-card-members! Our standard fee for processing American Express transactions is 2.99%.