Learn how to view your payouts

Payout schedule 

Payouts are made on schedule as shown below, with the condition that the bank has paid the settlements out to us first. International and national bank holidays may delay the payouts.

Transaction done on Payout
Monday Tuesday
Tuesday  Wednesday
Wednesday  Thursday
Thursday Friday
Friday Monday
Saturday Monday
Sunday Monday

Bank holidays 2023

Below you will find the bank holidays for this year. Bank holidays may delay the payouts. 

Global Sweden Denmark
Sunday, 1 Jan Sunday, 1 Jan
Thursday, 6 Apr
Friday , 10 Feb Friday, 6 Jan
Friday, 7 Apr
Sunday, 19 Mar Thursday, 6 Apr Monday, 10 Apr
Friday, 31 Mar Friday, 7 Apr Thursday, 18 May
Friday, 7 Apr Sunday, 9 Apr Sunday, 28 May
Monday, 10 Apr Monday, 10 Apr Sunday, 24 Dec
Monday, 1 May Monday, 1 May Monday, 25 Dec
Wednesday, 7 Jun Thursday, 18 May Tuesday, 26 Dec
Thursday, 29 Jun
Tuesday, 6 Jun
Sunday, 31 Dec
Tuesday, 15 Aug Friday, 23 Jun
Friday, 8 Sep Saturday, 4 Nov
Thursday, 21 Sep Sunday, 24 Dec
Friday, 8 Dec Monday, 25 Dec
Wednesday, 13 Dec Tuesday, 26 Dec
Monday, 25 Dec Sunday, 31 Dec
Tuesday, 26 Dec

View payouts history

1. Log in‍ to the Loomis—Pay portal.

2. Go to Finance > Payouts in the navigation side bar. You'll see your payouts for the current period. To see previous payout periods, select a new period from the date picker in the top right.

The payout page shows the payout total over the period, a summary of sales, fees, and other amounts that effect the total, a list of the transactions associated with that payout period, and a list of deposits made into the account on each payout day. 

3. To export a payout report to csv or pdf, click Download at the top right of the payout detail page. 


Multiple stores

Loomis—Pay will aggregate the funds for all stores and do a single payout into your bank account.

Negative payout balance

If your payout balance is showing a negative amount, there are two possible reasons for this.

Monthly invoice

At the start of each month we issue the invoice for hardware costs and other fees. This amount gets withdrawn from your balance in order for you to pay it back through transactions. You will not be receiving any payouts until this is done. If you don’t pay off the full amount in 20 days, the payout balance will be set to 0 and you will have to pay off the invoice that has the remaining amount.


A less common reason would be due to refunds or reversals. If you refund for a higher amount than what you have sold, your payout total will be negative.

Updating bank account

For security reasons, we ask that you contact supportto update your bank information.