Integration to Deliverect made easy


Setting up Deliverect with Loomis Pay is done in cooperation with Deliverect Support. From the Deliverect system, you can select your Loomis POS, but beforehand you will have to set up and verify that you want the integration added. This guide will show you how that is done correctly and what the integration can do for you.

How does Deliverect work?

The integration with Deliverect is bi-directional, the functionality works in the following way:

  • We connect and sync our Locations and POS’s together 
  • We synchronize the products from POS to Deliverect system
  • We receive orders from Deliverect in the POS and manage the order-process from the POS 

    The integration will not:
  • Create Menus in Deliverect. You must do that in Deliverect, but with the products synchronized from the POS. 
  • We do not handle the delivery companies – all of that is managed in Deliverect.

How to configure the integration between Loomis Pay and Deliverect


  • Access to Deliverect to create integration
  • Access to Loomis Pay Portal

    Follow these steps to initiate the integration: 
    1. Go to Sales Channels -> Deliverect
    2. Read about all your benefits by choosing this integration. 
    3. Click on Get Started

    4. You will be sent to the Create Connection page
    5. Select your Merchant in the Merchant field
    6. Enter your Deliverect Account ID in the Account Reference field. 
    7. This is found in Deliverect, in the top-left corner of the main page, click on the “ID” button to copy it. 
    8. Click Save and continue in the next section

How to configure and use your locations with Deliverect

  1. Go to Sales Channels -> Deliverect if you are not redirected automatically after creation 
  2. You will now see your locations – and a small status message underneath. You should see the message: Click to setup
  3. Click on the location you want to set up with Deliverect
  4. In here you will see an information box, with a Location Identifier
  5. Copy that Identifier and hand it over to the Deliverect Support, so they can configure your location to their services.

Completing the setup

  1. When the connection is activated from Deliverect, you will see a green button and the message Connected
  2. Configure your Fee products, so that when a delivery fee is charged, you can handle those fees in your system. You need to have these created as products, and then come back in and assign all 4 afterwards.

The system will then auto-accept orders between your opening hours stated in Deliverect.

What happens now? 

  1. Orders should start flowing in to your business from Deliverect
  2. The orders will be visible on the POS with a small Delivery tag on the Orders view. 
  3. By clicking on them, the order will present you with further information 
  4. Mark them completed on the POS when done and picked up.

The orders will be marked as Delivery orders, but act as any other order created on the POS, so they will also go to your accounting system (if that is set up) and other integrations we have set up for you. They will also go to the Printer/KDS setup, if you are using these features.