Table management

Set up tables and floor plans for table service

Administrate tables & floorplan

Floorplans can be used to simplify sales in a restaurant environment. With the help of a floorplan, you can create an overlay of where all the tables are located, and your staff will be able to know what tables has which orders as well as where the table is to be found. 

Adding sections and tables

1. Click on Applications in the sidebar. 

2. Select Tables in the list of available options.

3. Click + Create to add a new floorplan

4. Fill out the fields and press Save

5. Click on the name of your company to administrate your floorplans

6. Click on the Point of Sale which you wish to edit

7. Under Sections, click Create and enter the name of the section, eg. "Inside"

Afterwards, press Save

8. Under Tables, click once again on Create and enter the name of the table, eg. "Inside 1"

Afterwards, click on + Add Section and select which section the table belongs to.

Edit floorplan

When all sections and tables have been created, you can edit the floorplan to suit the restaurant. To edit a specific section, press the name of the section. In the new page, you will now be able to edit where each table is to fit how they are placed in your restaurant.

1. Under Edit Section Layout, there is a map as well as a selection of available tables.

2. To add a table to the map, click and drag the table to where its located. 

3. To edit the shape of a table, click the table and select Rectangular or Round

4. To edit the size of a table, click and drag on the bottom right corner of each table until the size is correct.

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until the floorplan has been completed.

To update the floorplan in your LOOMIS PAY Point of Sale, log out and then log back in to the register