Price Groups

Price Groups allow you to override the price of a product in your Point of Sale. In a price group, it is possible to set a price that can be applied between certain hours or as a way to offer employee discounts.

Create price groups

1. Log in‍ to the Loomis—Pay portal.

2. Click on Products in the navigation side bar, and then select Price Groups. Click +Create in the top right corner.

3. Add a name, a color for how the option should be displayed, which product folder should the price group belong to, and which of your companies should the price group apply to. 

4. Click Save when you are finished - you will now be taken back to your list of Price Groups with a notification that it has been successfully created.

5. The next step is to configure the prices of the products in the price group.

Configure the Price Group

1. Click on Products and select Product Group

2. Click on the Price Group you wish to edit

3. You will now see a list of all of your products

4. Enter the prices to the products that the Price Group should apply to the products upon activation of it in your Point of Sale.

5. Click Save when you are finished.

6. Your Price Group has now been created you can update your Point of Sale by pressing the three lines in the top left of your Point of Sale and then pressing Register.

How to use the Price Group in your Point of Sale

1. On your Point of Sale, you will see an option called Price Group.

2. Click this option and select the Price Group

3. The Point of Sale will now move to the Product Folder that was applied to the Price Group

4. Selecting any of the products will cause the Point of Sale to override the original price and only use the prices that were configured in your portal under Price Group.