Product bundles

Create special pricing or discounts with promotions

Bundles allow you to setup special pricing or discounts on products. We are hard at work improving this feature to include category-based pricing and time-based discounts. Check back soon for more information.

Create bundles

1. Log in‍ to the Loomis—Pay portal.

2. Click on Products in the navigation side bar, and then select Bundles.

3. Click +Create button in the top right corner. Add a bundle name, price, VAT and select Yes or No under the two following options:

Print Content on Receipt: If Yes is selected, the products of the bundle will be displayed on the receipt. If No is selected, only the name of the bundle will be displayed on the receipt.

Apply Automatically: If Yes is selected, the bundle will apply automatically if the products in the bundle are selected. If No is selected, the bundle will only be applied if you add the bundle to your Point of Sale as an option in your folders.

4. Click Save when you're finished.

5. You will be returned to the Bundles list and see your new bundle along with a notification that your promotions was successfully added. 

Add bundles to your Point of Sale hardware

1. Click on Products and select Product Folders

2. Click on the folder you would like to add your promotion to.

3. Click on one of the empty tiles to add the bundle.

4. Click on Bundles and then click on Existing.

5. Select the bundle you wish to add and press Save.

6. Your bundle has now been added to your folder and you can update your Point of Sale by pressing the three lines in the top left of your Point of Sale and then pressing Register.